In The Hills of Nelson

By User:Magicpiano - Own work, GFDL,
Congregational Church and our iconic row of mailboxes
Nestled in the foothills of Mt. Monadnock in Cheshire County, is our town of Nelson, New Hampshire. It is unique in that there is no store, no gas station, and not even a post office and yet it still thrives. Our town thrives because of the efforts of the residents who believe that community is not only a place but an action.

Moving In Step ~ a community project is a group of Nelson folk who, along with the village of Munsonville residents, came together to help preserve and to enhance the town. We began first by working with all aspects of the community to provide both a vision for the future and to devise action plans to implement that vision. However, we know that this coming together is just the beginning. Working together is not a static thought. It is a constant series of ideas and plans, solutions and failures, discovery and celebration.

Moving In Step ~ a community project reflects what seems to be an underpinning of Nelson’s community character – an approach that is very much a “We can figure this out and address our challenges by working together, learning from others and using the talents and resources that we have right here in our community.”

Harvey Tolman and fiddle at a recent Monday Night Contra Dance