Helping Our Neighbors Mike and Libby

Message copied from Mike’s GoFundMe page written by Dorothy Iselin

There are two people I love, whom we are so lucky to have in our town and in our world, Mike and Libby DeMartelly. I want to bring your attention to their predicament for a moment. Life is not fair. It simply happens … and we roll with it as best we can. Recently Mike had to undergo radical surgery for pancreatic cancer. I would say that both their efforts to keep their lives moving have been nothing short of heroic. Now on the other side of a successful surgery, they have arrived to a moment where they genuinely need help from their friends and community.
There is nothing more terrifying than to know that you have not the funds to pay for rising taxes, medical bills, not to mention the care that Mike needs given his current condition. Your contribution will be deeply appreciated by Mike and Libby, and by all of us in their community, who all know what a gift their lives have been, and are, to our lives. For those of you who don’t know Mike and Libby DeMartelly, here is little history, it goes all the way back as a special friend of my whole family from childhood:
There were six of us kids in my family, and there was not one of us that did not long for ‘Telly Boy’ to return to NH each spring, because we knew there was no better playmate. Mike has not changed since those good old days. He is one kind-hearted, fair-minded, very smart, fun-loving, guy with a great sense of humor. His wife Libby is a treasure. Her intelligence, tenacity, and wit, and her singular pursuit truth and meaning in life is something I deeply appreciate.

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Nelson School PTO News – Nov & Dec events

Nelson PTO imageThe PTO would like to thank everyone who participated in our Cookout/BBQ in September. The turnout was amazing; we had approximately 100 people. The sun was out and the day was beautiful.

Upcoming events
November 4th from 8-11am Pancake Breakfast put on by the 4/5th grade class. Stop by to support them and enjoy a wonderful breakfast. The money earned through the pancake breakfast is put towards a 5th grade class trip; these kids have been earning & saving for this trip since they started at Nelson School.

No school- November 10th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th (Thanksgiving Break)

November 16th 5-6pm PTO meeting at the school
December 7th 5-6pm PTO meeting at the school

December-the PTO is planning a child care evening so Parents can enjoy a night of child-free shopping. Last year being the first year we had over 40 children sign up. Notice will come home around Thanksgiving

December 22-Jan 1 No school winter break

Clothing Swap-As you are cleaning out the kids closets and preparing for winter clothing, the school will be having a clothing swap on Nov 30 and Dec 1 so save that clothing that is in good condition and send it in.

As the Holidays are approaching and toys are being sorted through save those good toys for the children’s auction in April 2018. The PTO will be focused on the Auction right away in January. We will be looking for all kinds of donations and support.
Thanks again