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A scholarship in the name of Albert D. Quigley, Artist, Musician and Framemaker (1891-1961), has been established with the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. The purpose of the scholarship is to provide assistance to students from the Monadnock Region who will pursue post-secondary education in the visual arts. Recipients will be selected based upon creativity, passion for and commitment to the arts, and financial need.

As many of you know, Albert D. Quigley grew up in Frankfort, Maine and came to Nelson, NH, after his service in WWI. ‘Quig’, as he was known, quickly became an integral part of the fabric of the town and its rich history of artists and musicians as he played fiddle for contra dances, painted landscapes and portraits of the region’s towns and people, and made frames to hold his and other regional artists’ paintings.

The generosity of companies and individuals in our region who have made donations to support the work of The Albert D. Quigley Exhibit Committee have made this scholarship possible. The Quigley Committee consists of artists, writers, and educators from Nelson and beyond, who joined together to mount an exhibit of Quigley’s work at the Historical Society of Cheshire County in Keene, compose a comprehensive 184-page full-color catalogue, and create a scholarship in his memory.

Quig was not a wealthy man. Access to formal artistic training was not possible except for the few scholarships he was awarded in his lifetime––an Expeditionary Forces scholarship to study painting at the Isadora Duncan Pavilion outside Paris, just after WWI, and a Bartol Scholar award to attend classes at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston when he was living in Nelson. For much of his life, Quig bartered his paintings for legal services to purchase his home in Nelson and for medical and dental services. Many of the paintings in our catalogue were created as part of this exchange system; we feel that there is no one who would support our scholarship more than Albert D. Quigley himself.

Proceeds from the sales of the Quigley catalogue will continue to enhance the scholarship fund and ensure its success in helping young artists in the Monadnock Region long into the future.

Soon we will be entering into the holiday season. This catalogue will make a terrific gift for young and old alike. Purchases can be made through the committee in Nelson (contact:, at the Historical Society of Cheshire County in Keene, and at local bookstores.

Donations to further increase the scholarship fund are also welcome. Please think of the Albert D. Quigley Scholarship Fund when you consider making a charitable gift (contact:

Students in the Monadnock Region interested in this scholarship can apply on-line through the NH Charitable Foundation in Concord, NH, at

Teri Upton, Chair
The Albert D. Quigley Exhibit Committee

Helping Our Neighbors Mike and Libby

Message copied from Mike’s GoFundMe page written by Dorothy Iselin

There are two people I love, whom we are so lucky to have in our town and in our world, Mike and Libby DeMartelly. I want to bring your attention to their predicament for a moment. Life is not fair. It simply happens … and we roll with it as best we can. Recently Mike had to undergo radical surgery for pancreatic cancer. I would say that both their efforts to keep their lives moving have been nothing short of heroic. Now on the other side of a successful surgery, they have arrived to a moment where they genuinely need help from their friends and community.
There is nothing more terrifying than to know that you have not the funds to pay for rising taxes, medical bills, not to mention the care that Mike needs given his current condition. Your contribution will be deeply appreciated by Mike and Libby, and by all of us in their community, who all know what a gift their lives have been, and are, to our lives. For those of you who don’t know Mike and Libby DeMartelly, here is little history, it goes all the way back as a special friend of my whole family from childhood:
There were six of us kids in my family, and there was not one of us that did not long for ‘Telly Boy’ to return to NH each spring, because we knew there was no better playmate. Mike has not changed since those good old days. He is one kind-hearted, fair-minded, very smart, fun-loving, guy with a great sense of humor. His wife Libby is a treasure. Her intelligence, tenacity, and wit, and her singular pursuit truth and meaning in life is something I deeply appreciate.

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