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Harvest Market Anyone?

harvest marketYou are invited to be a part of our annual Nelson Harvest Market that will be held in September. Nelson’s Agricultural Commission and the students of the Nelson School will be combining their efforts to support this fun-filled event.

The Annual Harvest Market will be held on the grounds of the Nelson School on Granite Lake Road. Space will be available to residents in order for them Continue reading Harvest Market Anyone?

Nelson’s Colonial-Style Kitchen Garden

Our Colonial Kitchen Garden behind the libraryTo celebrate Nelson’s 250th anniversary in 2017 the Agricultural Commission designed and planted a typical New England colonial kitchen dooryard garden surrounding our town library.

In 17th Century New England, colonists from England built raised, rectangular gardens just outside the home. Intensely cultivated and narrow enough to be tended from either side, the beds were filled with plants used for medicine, food and seasoning. Each plant was valued for its usefulness, not its beauty. Brought by seed or sprout from the Old World, many flowers and herbs endure in the garden today, such as Nasturtium and Calendula.

Many of the plantings in our colonial gardens are the same as would have been planted here in Nelson centuries ago.
PDF offered to you with the permission of the Nelson Agricultural Commission.
Download this pdf to learn more about our Kitchen Garden.

You can visit this garden at any time – enjoy revisiting it throughout the changing seasons.

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