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Nelson Trails Group 2012NELSON TRAILS GROUP
The Nelson Trails Group set out to identify, create, and document the hiking trails in Nelson, producing trail guides that include the historical, and natural resources along our trails. They began first with the Class VI road from …
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Olivia Rodham Memorial Library
Photo by Val Van Meier
Library Book Discussion Group
The Olivia Rodham Memorial Library holds a monthly book group. Participants read and discuss a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction, ranging from classics to contemporary works, one book each month. Each month’s offering is a thought-provoking gem.
The Library Book Discussion Group is led by our librarian, Kris Finnegan.

View the ‘Calendar of ‘Events’ page for dates and time of the Discussion Group, and learn more about this month’s book.
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Welcome wagon with pimpkins
Welcome Wagon, LLC/Photographer: jeremy lee/Alexx Henry Studios, LLC

Where is the closest:
Gas station
Post Office
Grocery store

Yes! We have a welcoming ‘Welcome Wagon’ committee and try to give new residents a packet that has general info about Nelson. The packet includes the Nelson phone book, (phone numbers of the town’s municipal offices and neighbors’ numbers) volunteer opportunities
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Shape Note Quote
Shape Note Singing is also known as Sacred Harp Singing and has its roots in strong traditions of church and community singing. Technically, our style of singing is “shape note singing” because the musical notation uses note heads in 4 distinct shapes to aid in sight-reading, but it is often called “Sacred Harp” singing because the books that most singers use today are called “The Sacred Harp,” with the most prominent of these being the 1991 Denson edition. The term “sacred harp” refers to the human voice — that is, the musical instrument you were given at birth.
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Volunteer with your friends at the Olivia Rodham Memorial Library! Volunteers gather on Thursdays from 3-4 pm.
It’s a great chance to catch up with your neighbors and friends while helping with simple library tasks …
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Main Street Keene with the clockNELLs LUNCHEON
NELLs Luncheon is an offshoot of the disbanded Ladies Aid Society of Nelson. The Luncheon is aimed at being able to incorporate and connect with our Nelson ladies who work in Keene.
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