Uncovering Lost Trails

Nelson Trails Group 2012
Nelson Trails Group 2012

The Nelson Trails Group, established under the auspices of Moving in Step, continues to work  to make the beautiful, educational and historic places in town accessible to the walking public.


Soon after coming together, the nearly twenty-member committee began by identifying Nelson’s abandoned but accessible old roads. The first project, the town’s first documented road laid out in 1773 and only closed in 1959, is the original road from the Packersfield meeting house to Dublin some call the Klemperer Road. It features gentle walking on an old road, four old cellar holes, and a number of vernal pools. Forest types change as you pass stonewalls and are the result of early land use by the settlers there and the date of their final abandonment.

The Nelson Trails Group restored the old class six road to the “Hart Lot” with its extensive foundations and mill site. The site was once home to a sawmill operated in the early nineteenth century. The mill location on a falls in Bailey Brook provides habitat for numerous wild flowers; wild ginger graces the Osborne home site and there are numerous day lilies contributed by later summer residents, perhaps the Harts.
The road was closed by the town in 1922. It is now known as the “Bailey Brook Trail”.

Al Stoops at the Osbourne millsite

The old mill site is on the upper falls of Bailey Brook. The falls has a lot of water going over it from recent rains and downstream the brook runs through its rocky bed with a musical sound. The banks are lush with ferns. Bailey Brook briefly forms a wetland before entering a cut with steep banks culminating in the waterfall that can be seen from Old Stoddard Road.

The group is always in the process of documenting the natural and historical sights and sites of interest along some of our old roads and is seeking abutting landowner co-operation so that more Nelson walkers can enjoy the natural and historical features of Nelson’s abandoned roads.

Come join us for our next hike and discovery.
Anyone interested in being a part of the Trails Group can contact Rick Church at 847-3206.

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