Shall We Dance?

Monday Nite Contra DanceMonday Nite Contra Dance

Every Monday night
8:00 pm until we get plumb tuckered out
Nelson Town Hall
Nelson, NH
Free cookies!

From John Walters’ “The Lure of the Dance”
“At first glance, New England contra dancing looks and sounds like square dancing. “The main difference is the form of the dance,” says Lisa Sieverts of Nelson. She’s a business consultant by day, volunteer organizer of the Nelson dance, and a pretty fair dance caller herself. “In a square dance you’re in a square formation, four couples, eight people. In contra dancing, you’re in long lines. You dance with your neighbors, and then you move on. You end up dancing with everyone in the hall.”

It’s a great way to make friends… and then some. “People have met, started relationships, married, divorced, the whole gamut,” says Sieverts. “They disappear for a while, then maybe they come back or just one of ’em comes back.

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